A few months back the FABULOUS duo at Erin Hearts Court sent us this incredible engagement shoot. We loved that the couple was so adorable, right out of a fairytale kind of adorable. Well, their wedding has come and gone and we get to share the perfection with you here today! I am always a little head over heels for anything that Erin Hearts Court sends my way. They are just one of those photography teams that gets it. That fills every image with as much emotion as there is style. And this wedding, is SO them.

erin heart's court

Any bride that splurges on those AMAZING Louboutins is A-OK in my book. The minute I laid eyes on those babies, I knew this wedding was going to be good. From the pretty pink color palette to the tradition with a twist approach to design, this wedding is as good as it gets. Oh and they just happened to have a church wedding and an indoor reception, something that I know most of you having as well. Finally!

erin heart's court

Here are a few of the details…

The ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels and the reception at Cicada Restaurant. The amazing gown was made by Birnbaum & Bullock, the veil found at Saks Fifth Avenue and the tuxes by Alain Dupetit. The flowers were made by the LOVELY Meg at La Partie Events and the photography was as mentioned, by Erin Hearts Court. The ADORABLE invitation above, which I am totally and completely loving were crafted by Kelvin Young. Hair was done by Angel Sepriano & Jojo Sepriano Castro, Makeup by Evelyn Lui.

erin heart's court

Coming up next, the warm and cozy reception with flowers that will make you squeal with glee! SO, so much prettiness on the way.  But if you simply can’t wait, head on over to Erin Hearts Court for ALL of the pictures and some amazing details.

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Erin Hearts Court