The very coolest thing about this Idaho wedding…is the altar. I have never in my life seen anything quite as unique, quite as showstoppingly gorgeous. Photographed by the forever talented Stephanie Fay, the altar that this couple built is something that I KNOW you guys will be talking about for a long, long time. Plus, the wedding itself is a lesson in all things gorgeous so it was a no-brainer to share it today!

handmade wedding in Idaho

First up, the back story on that ridiculous ceremony space…

The wedding was held at Cortney’s parents house in Fruitland Idaho and was spectacular. Every little detail was carefully thought through. She wanted the wedding to be a rustic vintage theme. Her younger brother Caleb built the entire wood ceremony site. Cortney wanted the ceremony to feel as though the guests were sitting in a rustic church. The windows were evenly placed next to the chairs lining the outline of the ceremony. It felt as though the structure of the building was around you. Cortney had a yellow dresser (alter piece) symbolizing the start of their life together.

handmade wedding in Idaho

I mean…there are no words!! And that’s rare for me, as I can usually blab on and on about anything. I guess this is one of the first times on SMP that I’ve kind of been speechless! More to come in just a bit!

Update…I know that a lot of you wanted me to mention Sara and KC’s wedding as the above wedding wasn’t the first outdoor, wooden chapel that the wedding industry has seen. Sara and KC’s affair was GORGEOUS and I definitely don’t want to take away from that. But I do want to point out that throwing a wedding is often times all about re-inventing ideas and inspirations that are already out there.

Personally, I really hadn’t seen anything like this as I somehow missed Sara and KC’s affair. But, props to such an incredible couple (both couple’s really) for infusing such beauty into their day!