I love this wedding that Allyson Magda sent our way. It’s the perfect way to ring in that crisp Fall weather that is coming our way and get all of you Fall brides out there a little bit excited about your own affairs. It’s cozy, it’s intimate, it’s utterly delicious and I am thrilled to have been the one to share it with you!


I’ve been drooling over these photographs all morning and am actually going to take a little break to make some Apple Cider because I’m now in that kind of mood. The wedding is simply gorgeous, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better….I saw the favors. Little bear honey jars. Umm, adorable!?!?


Thank you so very much to Allyson Magda for inspiring us yet again with her stunning photographs and this gorgeous wedding story! You can see more of this day right here. And to the bride and groom…fabulous!