As most of you know by now, we launched our latest baby, the Style Circle, last week. Well, to date, our style savvy brides have designed well over 1000 inspiration boards ! Pretty awesome, right?

Well, I thought that I would honor a few more of my favs starting with this gorgeous board that Taylor designed…

There is something so pretty about this board. It’s Spring…but with texture, warmth and total style. Would love to see this translated into a real wedding. To read Taylor’s absolutely charming blog, click right here.

And remember, once you are a member, you can favorite different blogs so you can keep track of who you’ve fallen for and which blogs you want to read every day!

Next up, Annie, who used the same little birdie picture from above to come up with an equally gorgeous inspiration board!

Delicious, absolutely delicious. To read Annie’s board that actually has some of the cutest stuff you’ve ever seen, click right here!

And lastly, Ester’s completely perfect board that reminds me so much of why I love Summer. It’s light, it’s colorful, it’s care free, it’s totally sweet. I want to marry this board.

Esther is based in the Netherlands and she just happens to be one of the reasons that I love the Style Circle so much…we get to bring oh-so-stylish wedding junkies from all over the world into one spot! It’s incredible! To start reading Ester’s blog, click right here!