I have been holding on to this little piece of heaven for a while, so I am REALLY excited to share it with you today. The amazing team at Elysium (and by amazing, I really mean…unbelievably good, unbelievably talented, unbelievably awesome) sent us the most incredible, moving, bring-you-to-tears-beautiful vignette of a wedding that they recently shot in Anguilla.

Ahhh, aren’t you obsessed? I’ve watched this clip three times and all three times…I’ve cried.

I had the sheer pleasure of meeting the forever brilliant Julie and team at a recent wedding and saw one of their GENIUS same day edits. The entire reception was in tears, the bride had a smile that could light up the room and I was, well…floored.

We have the photos from the equally incredible Grazier Photography coming on Monday. Up next a sneak peek!

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