Parker Palm Springs Wedding, III
July 20, 2009
United States

Just as I promised, we have a TON of photos from today's was so completely delicious, I couldn't possibly narrow it down. So, I am basically passing everything that the amazing Jose Villa photographed, right on to you!

For those of you that are just joining us, we featured this couple's incredible Palm Springs rehearsal dinner a few weeks ago. The cute pair had to completely reschuedule their Mexican affair due to the swine flu, so event designer, Alison Hotchkiss, pulled an equally fabulous wedding together at the Parker Palm Springs.

alison hotchkiss

I am madly in love with all things Alison Hotchkiss. She has this utterly charming and yet undeniably chic style about her weddings. She allows the venue to completely dictate the foundation style of the day, then she goes in and adds a bit of flirt, a bit of girl. All in the same totatally approachable manner. Love it.

jose villa alison hotchkiss

We have so much more for you on the way! But before I go...I wanted to give you guys a little style tip on a budget. I love that Alison found unique vessels to hold simple, monochromatic stems, all in the same variety. This is SUCH a great way to create a really cost effective centerpiece. Cover three different sized cylindrical vases in your favorite graphic fabric and fill with flowers from your local wholesaler. It's chic and so so easy.

Oh and those incredible invitations above? They were done by none other than Anne Benjamin of Mok Duk!