The bad news about today’s first featured affair is that it took place in Colombia, utilizing some of the best local vendors…which of course means that it might be hard to replicate the wedding. The good news is that many of the ideas are completely steal-able and could be done in just about any setting.


Here are a few details from the AMAZING photographers behind the day, Valeria and Juan

The bride and groom are really good friends of ours, Carlos and Laura, both industrial designers. All of the decorations were handmade by the beautiful bride Laura: the center pieces, the flowers around the altar, the sugar mushrooms in the center pieces, the bouquet…you name it, all was carefully planned and designed by her. The beautiful groom prepared the candle sign in cursive type that you see on the pics as a surprise for Laura who was absolutely thrilled.


The food was a Thai Stir fry, amazing, because once you picked your vegetables you went to a place where there were 4 cheffs each of them with 4 woks and they prepared your dinner with the exact ingredients you wanted: rice or pasta, curry and orange, pepper or tamarindo (a local fruit) sauce, peanuts or sesame. The wedding was catered by Banquetes Santa Mónica. The picture with the chalk board shows how the serving of the food was explained to the guests.

Don’t you agree that there is just something special about this affair? It’s thoughtful, it’s beautiful…and yet it seems so effortless. So lovely in it’s simplicity and style. Thank you so much to Valeria and Juan for introducing me to your work. I can’t wait to see more weddings from you!