A Mexican Inspired Rehearsal Dinner, IV
June 19, 2009
United States

Today has all about fun. Day and Max's absolutely ridiculous rehearsal dinner that has given me a permanent smile and a huge craving for a margarita. I am completely obsessed and it all started with a perfect little clip that the oh-so-talented Curtis Heyne of Living Cinema sent me.

If you're at home, grab a cocktail. If you're at work, put your headphones on. This is one that you REALLY don't want to miss!

Ahhhh. Isn't that amazing? Completely and totally amazing.

Curtis is one of those cinematographers that creates pure art. His vignettes are moving, they're honest and they are generally spectacular. He manages to capture the realstory of the day without sacrificing style or intrigue. It's as if you are watching a great romance unfold. His work is absolutely unreal and if you are lucky enough to hire a cinematographer...scoop him up fast!