NYC Loft Wedding by Daughter of Design
June 15, 2009
Tri State

When I was planning my own wedding, I had this fantasy of hosting an all white soiree in some swanky loft in NY. Clearly, that didn't pan out. But for some reason, whenever I see a really well done loft affair, I still get all giddy inside.

Today's wedding, sent to us by the adorable bride and groom, was all about the chic. Sophisticated, elegant and yet fabulously New York chic. Plus, it was designed by one of our favorite Little Black Book members, Daughter of Design, which makes it even more special!

Before we get into all of the details though, I had to start off with these incredible shots of the bride's bling. And by bling, I really mean, oh-my-gosh gorgeous, completely fabulous, all-the-good-words-in-the-dictionary beautiful bling...

nyc loft wedding

photography by Heather Waraksa

SWOON. Aren't you a little bit in love? And a little bit jealous? Well, the gorgeous bride who put all of this together is with us all day, sharing her perfect details and her totally down-to-earth perspective.

I guess you could technically call this a destination wedding. Eric and I live in Miami, but he was born and raised in Westport, Connecticut, and I have moved around so much in my life that I don't really have a 'hometown'.  We looked everywhere when we started our planning - here in Florida, out in Napa & Sonoma, in Connecticut - and finally decided that Manhattan would be perfect.  It'd be convenient for all his family and friends (he actually had quite a few that lived in the city), and we love Manhattan so much that we hope to buy a little a pied-a-terre there someday.

I wouldn't say I'm the 'typical' bride in that I've dreamed of planning a wedding for my whole life.  Although I'm a big (obsessive) planner in general, and love design and entertaining, I'm extremely non-traditional and cringe at doing something that someone else has already done.  After having been to many weddings that were born out of the same mold, I wanted to make sure our wedding was a little different: not only reflective of us as a couple, but also fun, new and interesting for our guests.  We decided our goal would be a "fun, intimate party... that also happened to be a wedding".  And every decision we made came from there.

So much more on the way!