We are featuring one of those weddings that just makes you happy. The clean, airy color palette, the sweet but sophisticated details, the effortless style…every little bit of it is what I envision SMP to be. So, when Jennifer at Alders Photography sent it to me, I just knew that I had to share it with you all!

potter real wedding

Like Jennifer, the fabulous photographer, shared with us in the last feature…all of the chandeliers and decor details were found on ebay and by scouring flea markets. Hung from trees, they add that bit of sparkle that every outdoor affair needs. I am madly in love…if you can’t already tell!

potter real wedding

It’s funny…this wedding is one part sweet, organic, kind of backyard style. And another part total glam. And the best part is that it totally works together. Just goes to show that when you are designing your own wedding style, don’t be boxed in by words like “traditional” or “casual.” Let your real personalities dictate your design!

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