We are continuing on with our DIY contest today and just like yesterday, we have TONS of absolutely positively great ideas! The first, was crafted by Charlotte Bolton of Studio Ten and A Half.

diy project favors

From Charlotte…I designed this favor for my own wedding. I chose to have charity favours as I couldn’t stand the thought of spending lots of money on sweets or something that people may just leave behind. This way at least all the money went to a good cause. We chose to give to two different charities (one for the girls and one for the boys) and everyone seemed to really love the idea, lots of our guests still wear their pins now which is so sweet. The favors are also extremely simple and easy to make, which is so important when you have a ton of other things to organize and do.

– A computer
– Printer and good quality paper
– Scalpel
– Ruler
– Belt hole puncher
– Ribbon
– Charity pins of your choice


1. The basic net of this favor is made up of three squares. The top square is the front of your favour and should have your guests name on, the middle square is blank and the bottom square contains your message to your guests. The bottom square will need to be a couple of mm shorter than the others (this will make it easier to fold).

2. Print your favour onto paper. I printed about  4 up on an A4 page.

3. Trim down to size and score in two places using the back of your scalpel blade. Fold the favor so that the guests name is on the front.

4. Pin your charity pin on the inside of the ‘packet’ next to your message.

5. When folded punch a small hole in the top of the favor (through all the paper) using the belt hole puncher.

6. Thread the ribbon through and tie in a neat bow.

* * *

Fabulous and wonderfully touching. Lots more to come today!