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When capturing your very special day, wedding filmmakers have many tools in their proverbial shed! One of the increasingly popular formats right now is what’s known as a Super8 style. Here’s what Steve from Glass Eye Video had to say on his blog recently …

I’ve been so excited to make this post and announce that we have entered the world of Super 8 film! This has been a long time coming as I wanted to make sure I chose the right equipment and processing lab to handle my productions. After being inspired by the giants of the industry, I knew this was something I had to get into as well. The look, the feel, the raw emotion that is pulled from the film is something that simply cannot be imitated and is truly breathtaking. I filmed my first wedding a couple weeks ago and the bride was completely blown away by it.

Christy & Tom’s Super 8 Wedding Teaser By Steve Zugelter
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More from Steve at Glass Eye Video … “Without a doubt, one of the greatest weddings I’ve had the honor of being a part of was Christy and Tom’s. St. Xavier Church was just the beginning that night. The reception at Music Hall was incredibly unique and insanely gorgeous, thanks to Brigid Horne-Nestor of i-do! Weddings and Events! Not one, but TWO live bands kept the guests entertained throughout the evening, including my favorite local band, The Rusty Griswolds. I’ve never seen a dance floor come alive like the one that night, it was AMAZING! I had the great pleasure of working along side Tine Hofmann, who was there snapping beautiful pictures one after the other! This was the first wedding I filmed in Super 8 and it was the perfect wedding to cover in this beautiful medium. It’s truly amazing how the film brings a whole new life to the images in a way that simply cannot be achieved with any other medium. I had the film processed in widescreen format to give it a modern twist and to help it flow with the HD footage that I shot that day as well. I hope you enjoy their teaser! The song is ‘Love and Some Verses’ by Iron & Wine.”

We, too hope you enjoyed the clip from Christy and Tom’s wedding. For more examples of Steve’s work, check out his website and blog.

A huge thanks to Little Black Book member, Tine Hofmann at TM Photography for providing the very lovely photos!