My favorite DIY guru in the whole world, Kathleen of Twig and Thistle, is sharing THE cutest DIY project that I have ever seen. It honestly, just might be my new favorite…DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract and Labels!

homemade vanilla favors

From Kathleen…”This is a great project if you’ve got some time and want to give your guests something homemade. It takes about 2 months for the Vanilla to mature but it’s a simple project and a gift that will last for years!

homemade vanilla favors

Materials Needed
Small Glass Jars
#4 Size Corks
Mini Gingham Ribbon
Sticker Paper
X-acto Knife
Homemade Vanilla

Step 1: Download the Homemade Vanilla Extract recipe here and follow the directions on how to make it.

Step 2: Download Vanilla Labels here and print onto white sticker paper. Trim out each label. To get nice circles, take your time and use an x-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat – your fingers and table with thank you!

Step 3: Cut ribbon to 8″ long and wrap around the neck of the bottle crossing in the center. Secure ribbon with a small piece of tape and then apply Vanilla label to the center of the bottle. Finish it off by snipping the ends of ribbon to a point.

Step 4: Once Vanilla is prepared and ready, fill the jars with vanilla using a funnel and cap with a cork. Vilolá! a delightful homemade favor for your guests!

Links to Products
Small Glass Jars: Call Packaging Specialties to order: 206.762.0540 ($6.00 each)
#4 Size Corks at Home Depot
Mini Gingham Ribbon at Michael’s
Sticker Paper from Avery

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Kathleen is our oh-so-fabulous DIY editor that also runs the wonderful blog Twig & Thistle…filled with delicious finds, perfect DIY projects and tidbits that will make you swoon. Make sure you check it out, as it’s one of the blogs that will quickly become a favorite!