I am SO excited about today’s post Valentine’s day post. It’s a well known fact that tons of couples become engaged on Valentine’s Day so I am hoping that this means we will have a whole new crop of readers falling in love with Style Me Pretty!

So, in an effort to go back to our inspiration board roots, the girls at Wiley Valentine (how appropriate!) are showing us some of their newest invitations from their inspiration board to the reality! Here is a look at their first board, Julia…

wiley valentine wedding invitations

Unabashed luxury, old school romance…this board is all about sophisticated style! And here is the real invitation that it inspired…

wiley valentine wedding wedding invitations

Pretty close to perfection, isn’t it! For those of you that don’t know all about Wiley Valentine, mark it on your must-have list. Their invitations are SO chic, so completely fresh in their designs and their styles. LOVE.

Inspiration boards have caught on like wildfire since we did our first one, more than 2 years ago…seems like every blog and website is really putting the fabulousness of the I-board to good use. And although I’ve slowed down on designing them, I can’t understate their importance in helping you to really hone your vision and your creative energies into one cohesive look!

So much more to come throughout the day!