Wedding Centerpieces, VIII
February 3, 2009

After all of these gorgeous centerpiece ideas, it seems like we've covered all of the bases. Well, not all of them, but many of them. Here is a last look at some centerpieces that don't use any flowers at all...

wedding centerpieces

Clockwise From Top Left: Apple image via {frolic!}, wheatgrass by Leo Patrone, lantern by Michelle Rago, flat vases by Todd Events, moss by, Grapes by Todd Events, Oranges by, Pears by Leo Patrone

By using fruit, wheatgrass, vegetables, moss, antique lanterns, sea shells, japanese lanterns, candles (the list goes ON and ON) can save a bundle while still achieving a completely stylish, chic look. Plus, it allows you to really get creative and let your inner Martha completely shine!

On that same note, I am always getting emails from brides who are looking for some interesting centerpiece tell me, what are YOUR ideas for non-floral centerpieces?