Photography Tips by Karen Rusten, II
December 3, 2008

Okay, now for the good stuff. For those of you that are just now joining us, Karen Rusten of Brown Mouse Photography in San Francisco, is partnering up with some of the world's best photographers to find out exactly what couples can do to ensure that they take the most amazing pictures on their wedding day. Let's get right to's Karen!

* * *

Photographers are a tight knit group –and what we love most is gabbing about getting hot, rockin’ images, and what makes or breaks a shoot. After having been through the ins and outs of countless wedding days, we photographers have so much to share with brides and grooms, not only to help them get amazing photographs, but also to fully enjoy their wedding celebration.

I asked eight of my favorite wedding photographers to spell out some of their best advice on getting the images you always dreamed of.  Follow this advice, and your wedding day joy will shine in every shot:


jose villa photography

photograph via Jose Villa

"Take some time at the first meeting with the photographer and do an engagement session so that you can all practice working together. Treat it like a trial run, and be sure to tell your photographer what you loved and didn’t love from that session. This will help to produce the best photos possible for your most important day...your wedding”  -Jose Villa


karen wise

photo via Karen Wise

“The pictures always look better when the couple is truly having fun! The couple should be playful with each other -tickle, hug, kiss, talk... this always looks really nice in the shots instead of a face-forward grin.” -Karen Wise


elizabeth messina

via Elizabeth Messina

A wedding photographer is intimately involved with most aspects of the day. It’s crucial that a couple feel at ease & trust in their photographer's ability to capture the nuances of the day.” -Elizabeth Messina


tanja lippert

via Tanja Lippert

“Throw out the traditions and have a celebration that is about YOU!!!! This will ensure that photos are unique, beautiful and individual.”  -Tanja Lippert

The next four tips are on their way in just a bit!