It’s no secret that brides obsess about their wedding shoes. This simple fact is splashed across all the blogs. So what more can we say?

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Row One: Orchard Cove Photography; Row Two: Photography by Walters and Walters

Row Three: Michele DeVries (left), Elegant Engagements/Cape Wedding Planner (right)

Row Four: Jennifer Davis Photography - ABC Dragoo Designs (left), Cake Lava Visionari (right)

Row Five: Kristin Vining for Weddings And The City

But then … we saw the next shots taken by Robin Dini  (row one) and Kristin Karzmit (rows two and three). Pictured is one of SMP’s Little Black Book members, Steve DePino … composing a couple of tricky shoe-shots … (found ‘em on Steve’s blog). Wow, we knew that being a photographer took true creativity, but this is a whole new perspective!

Steve DePino's Fabulous Wedding Shoe Shots

ooooooohhh….so that’s how they do it! Isn’t art grand? Seriously, Steve’s work is grand.

Here are a few more great shoe-shots.

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Row One: Justin & Mary Marantz (left),  Walters & Walters (right); Row Two: Holland Photo Arts

Row Three: Karen Wise (left),  Walters & Walters (right)

Many thanks to the SMP-Little Black Book photographers and event coordinators who sent us their favorite shoe shots!


Justin & Mary, Karen Wise Photography, Orchard Cove Photography and Steve De Pino are members of our Little Black Book. Find out how members are chosen by visiting our FAQ page.
Justin & Mary

Karen Wise Photography

Orchard Cove Photography

Steve De Pino