A word to the wise … when you’re interviewing photographers for your wedding, be sure that you meet with them early on–and— at length. Good vibes between a photographer and the wedding couple are so essential  for a successful wedding dayHonestly. When you and your photographer click (ha!)  your body language and even your expressions will be so much more natural in the photos.   Also, often times, a really great photographer steps in to smooth ruffled feathers, diffuse potential ‘situations’ and placate the testiest of testy great-great aunties …

Isn’t this a cute Real Wedding — Real People — shot?

Karen Wise LBB Feature Great Aunties

But, back to Karen … one of her clients said, “your laid-back style provided an oasis of calm amid a background of tension and activity.” […weddings…tension…hmmmm, maybe just a little…]

Stay tuned.

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