Well, the voting has come to a close and it’s time to announce the winner in our Little Black Dress competition! I, for one, loved every minute of it. Such fun color palettes, gorgeous dresses and hours upon hours of style inspiration. Doesn’t get much better than that!

It looks like the voting was more of an arms race as to who has more friends (which is fine, as it brings SMP to people who might not have known about us) BUT, as it turns out, the winner is one of my own personal favorites! So, I can’t really complain!

Little Black Dress

This board was featured on Day 2 and brings together those amazingly rich purple hues into a style that is not only chic and oh-so-right-now, it’s also incredibly timeless in it’s beauty.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE that entered! We are keeping all of the boards in our Color Palettes category so that your designs will serve as inspirations to brides for years to come!

PS – We are announcing the winner in the ABCD Designs contest from last week coming up next!