DIY Project - Custom Centerpieces
Tree Branches Ornaments Clay Pots DIY Contest
Our next DIY project is all about chic, but approachable style. On a limited budget, this bride set out to make centerpieces that really stood out and looked both expensive and completely style savvy.



Clay Pots
Black & White Spray Paint (or whatever color you like)
Branches of varying size and height
Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls
Fabric cut to fit rolls
Hole Punch
Fabric Glue
Decorative Ornaments like feather boa, gems, beads, etc.
Silk Orchids or other Silk Flowers
Green Moss or other flowers


1. Spray paint the bottom of a clay pot black, or whatever color you choose. Once dry paint the top portion a difference color.

2. Collect branches to put in your pots. I just cut branches from a tree in our yard and used one large branch per pot.

3. Fill the pot with rocks to help secure the tree branch.

4. Create the toilet paper ornaments.

a. Cut a swatch of fabric that will cover the toilet paper roll. Don't worry about getting all the way to the top and bottom because your accessories will cover it.
b. Once you have the fabric on the roll, punch two small holes in the top of the roll, one on each side. Then thread wire or string thru the holes to create a way to hang it.
c. Glue beads to the bottom of the roll.
d. Glue a small boa to the top.

5. Gems
a. Collect gems with holes in the top to hang from your branches. I purchased my gems from Michael's and then thread clear wire or string through them.

6. Glue orchids randomly on the branches.

7. Finally, fill the pot with flowers to cover the rocks.