We are chatting with Laura Dowling of Interieurs et Fleurs about her most recent trip to Paris…she’s sharing the latest trends in Parisian Floral Designs. Let’s face it, this really is like a wedding blogger’s dream come true.

laura dowling

Marie Antoinette luxe. As enduring style icon and the archetype of luxe, Marie Antoinette reigns as the ultimate taste-maker, and her legacy continues to influence contemporary trends in French fashion, décor, and floral design.  At the Grand Palais, Marie Antoinette’s objets de luxe were celebrated in a special exhibit that generated rave reviews and renewed interest in her vision.  To achieve the look of romantic decadence and sumptuous opulence in your party décor this season, incorporate signature design elements such as boules de plume (feather balls), romantic flowers (Yves Piaget garden roses), and layers of posh fabrics (tulle, silk, taffeta).  Use rich color schemes (French blue and silver, Versailles pink and gold, royal purple and peridot green) to create a sense of unabashed, over-the-top, classic French style.

laura dowling parisian floral trends

Thank you so much, Laura, for sharing these incredible ideas…I am kind of in love with the overflowing, completely romantic style of these arrangements. But, I have to say, this next one is actually one of my favorite (along with the very first one that I posted earlier) as purple is just one of those colors that I am nuts about this season. Plus, it’s kind of Martha Stewart meets Abby Larson…Tailored and elegant, with a bit of flair.

laura dowling parisian floral trends

Stay tuned to find out what Laura’s doing with bouquets!!