I have to say, my favorite hair accessory is a simple flower, tucked into a low, messy bun. It’s how I wore my hair at my own wedding and it’s how I always encourage my girlfriends to wear theirs. A low, easy bun is just so effortlessly chic and the addition of a gorgeous flower…perfection.

With that said, many flowers won’t make it through the night before they start to brown. Instead, go for a pretty silk flower that adds that same touch of romance without the high maintenance element, like these by Amelio designs

Or these a-a-amazing silk flowers by House of Telsa

house of telsa

Both Amelio Designs and House of Telsa have incredible pieces online, so definitely check out their sites when you have a minute! Amelio Designs actually has a pretty awesome selection of custom gowns, as well.

We have more fun headpieces on the way!