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The invite is printed on plexi-glass with the additional cards 2-color letterpress. Sent in a custom-made crocodile envelope with custom stamps to match. Every detail is a wonderful combination of mixed media art. The finished size was roughly 9 1/2 x 13″ – so the size alone was outstanding! Their guests felt like they were being invited to a royal wedding.


The guests received three mailings for this destination wedding. The first were airline ticket inspired save the dates. Sent in a custom crocodile ticket holder. Each ticket provided all the information for guests to plan their trips.

ceci ny

The second mailing was a folder full of colorful tiered cards that told a story of why the couple picked Guatemala and all the fun things to do there while visiting. Each card focused on a different part of the trip. We covered everything from the history of the country to all the travel details.

ceci ny

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