Kelly and Colin’s ceremony was held at Kelly’s parent’s home in Ohio, at 7 PM with a small reception to follow (light appetizers and desserts only). The family is Greek, thus they had all of their Green Aunts make Greek Cookies, along with macaroons from Sucre, pellegrino and lemonade. It was intimate, it was personal and most of all…it was beautiful!

real wedding

all photographs by Steven Mastroianni

Nestor Marrero, the coordinator, ensured that the evening went on without a hitch, despite the rain, which started just before the ceremony began. All of the guests were huddled under tents, listening to the string quartet and wondering where the ceremony would take place. The rain stopped at 7:15 and the guests all helped Kelly’s parents wipe off chairs. It was magical!

More to come including ALL of the fun DIY details!