Color Palettes Questions - Peach or Orange?
A bride trades in her white wedding dress for an off-white wedding dress. Can she still use orange as an accent color or should she use peach?

Another reader question....I’m getting married in April 2009 and wanted to use orange and white for my wedding. However, after changing from a white dress to a different colored dress — the official name of the color is shell — I’m wondering if the bright orange is still a good choice. I was thinking perhaps a peach color might work better but I’m at a loss. Any ideas?

Here is a pic of the dress that this reader has chosen...

wedding dress

What do you think...does orange still work as an accent color or should she move more towards a peach hue?

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Abby's Answer...I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I love the idea of bringing in peaches AND oranges to compliment the shell color of her gown. I do think that using just orange would be stunning, but I am also a big proponent of varying the hues within a palette to add a sense of dimension.

I will say though, that it kind of depends on the style of the wedding. If this bride is going modern, orange should be the primary hue. Clean lines using calla lilies, contemporary place settings, sleek vases and such. If she is going more romantic, I think that peach should be the hue...

orange and white wedding color palette

Bride on Rebecca Thuss, Flowers and Centerpiece on Wiggy Flowers

Either direction is going to be gorgeous with that incredible dress!