In light of today’s contest, I thought it would be fun to explore the Hello! Lucky site a little bit. If you haven’t already, check out their incredibly chic and inspiring blog, filled with samples of their own work as well as great real weddings and fun finds…


They also have a brilliant etiquette section that has tips like…

Give yourself breathing room by ordering extra invitations. These can
serve as keepsakes and as reference for your florist, officiant,
wedding planner, and anyone else involved.

Ask the post office to hand cancel the invitations when they’re ready
to be mailed. Stamping machines can be brutal-especially for delicate
elements such as wax seals

The biggest taboo is stating outright on the wedding invitation where
you registered. If you’re not sending save the dates, at least include
a separate card with the invitation that gives the address of your
wedding website.

So, aside from all of the really beautiful products they sell (like gift wrap that would add a splash of color and a hint of pattern to your wedding favors), the Hello! Lucky site also has fun little treats that can really help inspire you to create a completely chic wedding!

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