Although this questions isn’t directly related to wedding style or decor, I wanted to share it with you because I know how difficult wedding registries can be!

Q5 – My wedding is set for June 21, 2008 (the Summer Solstice) and it’s time for us to register for gifts. Being typical NYers, we don’t have much space. So, I’m trying to keep our registry as simple as possible. That being said, I’m trying to decide whether to register for china. I have very simple everyday plates (white 365 IKEA plates) that I see no need to replace, but I am considering registering for “fancy plates (and cups, and saucers, you get the picture).

It would be great if you could do a post on China patterns. I am desperately seeking clean, simple china patterns (perhaps with a touch of whimsy).

A5 – I am one of those girls whose knees get weak when she shops for china. Registering for china was one of my very favorite things to do and really, it made me feel like SUCH a bride. So, I think that if you are looking for something simple, with a touch of whimsy, these patterns are perfect…


Top Left by Vera Wang, Top Right by Babara Berry for Wedgewood, Bottom Left by Kate Spade, Bottom Right by Vera Wang

I have the Grand Gourmet by Vera Wang, though I ordered fun salad plates in a different, but coordinating pattern. I looooove them. The key to justifying china, however, is to USE IT! Break out the china when you have guests over for Chinese food or when you have an impromptu brunch with family. They are a bit more fragile than regular dishes, and shouldn’t be dishwashed, but a good set of china will last a lifetime.

One last note, I chose my china pattern to coordinate with my mom’s…if we ever need more, we have an extra set!