My day is being wasted scouring Etsy for more fun reception decor ideas (thanks to the oh-so-cuteness that is happening at Small Stump). So, rather than feeling bad about it, I am just going to call it market research and pass my finds along to you. These are journaling tags that would be so cute as table cards!


If you punched a hold at the top, then hung them from pretty grosgrain ribbon on a cork board or from tree branches (something kind of organic to contrast the preppy factor of the cards), they would be a perfect way to add a little lighthearted color to your decor. Make them extra cute by handwriting the names and table numbers!

Along that same note, these silhouette tags are completely adorable. I am picturing them hanging from a strawberry pink ribbon, names & table numbers scrolled across the front. Too cutesy?


And these tags, are just too perfect. I know that they could be used for something great…


Place cards would be the obvious choice, but what else? Can you guys think of anything else? What about food or dessert tags specifying what each item is. Or little thank you notes tied onto your favors.

Check back a little later for some other great Etsy finds!!