Okay, my friends…it’s time to vote! We have A TON of boards this round, so I am extending the voting cutoff until this upcoming Friday, the 31st of August. Because there are so many of the same names, and similar styles of weddings, if you could format your votes inthe following way, it would be much appreciated:

Number + Description (for Example… #0. Abby’s Chic Style Me Pretty board)

Please only vote one time! The first place winner will receive a $75 gift certificate to the store of their choice. The second place will receive a $50. Our last winner chose Macy’s so that she could get some additional items on her registry! Let the voting begin!!!

From Day One

  1. Laura’s Classy, But Fun Affair
  2. Cella’s Winter Wonderland
  3. Lienne’s Grey is the New Blond
  4. Brandi’s Casual, Outdoor Affair
  5. Priscilla’s Chic, Romantic Wedding
  6. Diane’s Design Meets the Dessert
  7. Vicki’s Asian Elegance
  8. Melissa’s Casual, Relaxed Garden Wedding
  9. Emily’s Sweet & Intimate, Historical Wedding
  10. KC’s Blue Hawaiian
  11. Kelly’s Vintage Inspired Glamour
  12. Summerr’s Whimsical, Quirky, Romantic Affair
  13. Sarah’s Chic, Whimsical Wedding
  14. JessRuthie’s Beach Nuptials with a Touch of Glitz
  15. Muriel’s Colorful Affair

From Day Two

  1. Avalon’s Simple, yet Elegant Champagne Bruch
  2. Caroline’s Elegant Spring Affair with French and Spanish Elements
  3. Lydia’s Lakeside European Affair in a Summer Green Hue
  4. Adrienne’s Colorful, Simplicity
  5. “K’s” Cherry Blossom Inspired Wedding in a Japanese Garden
  6. Darci’s Classically Simple, Romantic Affair
  7. Aimee’s Backyard Wedding
  8. Dana’s Glamorous/Modern, Garden Wedding
  9. Jen’s Artistic and Fun, but Relaxed Wedding
  10. Fara’s Flirty, but Elegant Affair
  11. KSimer’s 50’s Vintage meets Japanese Infusion
  12. Kyle’s Lakeside Union
  13. Nicole’s Elegant, Outdoors Soiree
  14. Jamie’s Art Deco Inspired Affair
  15. Delissa’s Modern Meets Classic Wedding

From Day Three

  1. Sook-Yan’s Vintage, Green Inspired Wedding
  2. Isis’s Winter Wedding
  3. Michelle(1) is having a Fun, Summery Affair
  4. “Aquarian Thought’s” Indian Inspired Elegance
  5. Linda’s Warm, Sophisticated Wedding
  6. Michelle(2) is titled “My Sexy, Wish I Had the Nerve” Affair
  7. Michelle Nicole’s Chic, Glamorous Affair
  8. Emily’s Fun, Tailored, Preppy, Southern Affair
  9. Betty ‘s Warm, Elegant Wedding
  10. Jennifer’s Contemporary, Asian Flair Affair
  11. Jennifer C’s Mountain Biking Inspired Bash
  12. Lauren is having Modern, Asian Affair
  13. Irene’s Majestic, Minimalist and Modern Wedding
  14. Barbara’s Scandinavian Elegance

From Day Four

  1. Amanda’s Coral Inspired Affair
  2. Violet’s Montenegro Inspired Affair
  3. Kacie’s Romantic, Garden Wedding at her parents Wine Country Home
  4. Allison’s Early Spring, Nashville Wedding
  5. Allison N’s “Downtown Affair: A Night of Dinner and Dancing”
  6. Faye ‘s Intimate, Picnic-Style Recommittment Ceremony
  7. Asmas’s “Mughal Magnificence”
  8. Rachel’s Exotically Colorful Affai
  9. Eipryl’s Chic, Garden Inspired Wedding
  10. Kelly’s Wine Country Elegance with a Twist
  11. Angela’s Santa Fe Luxe
  12. Thryn’s Eco-Friendly, Super Chic Bash
  13. Lauren’s Southern Garden Soiree
  14. Melissa’s Romantic, Flirty Spring Wedding
  15. Jenn’s Ocean Breeze Meets Chic
  16. Cyndi’s “If I Could Marry My Husband All Over Again

From Day Five

  1. Danielle’s new take on a Jewish Inspired White, Gold & Blue Affair
  2. EZ’s Pure, Sweet Sophistication
  3. Krista’s Cozy, Autumn Wedding
  4. Nicole’s Chic, Garden Style Wedding
  5. Kathy’s Early Fall, Outdoor Affair in Northern California
  6. Martina’s Beachside Elegance
  7. Catie’s is having Classy, Southern Affair
  8. Emily’s Vintage Inspired, Chic French Garden Wedding
  9. Blythe’s Casual but Ultra Chic, Budget Friendly Affair
  10. Julina’s Warm and Colorful
  11. Arika’s Topaz and Blush Inspired Romantic Wedding
  12. Helen’s Relaxed, English Countryside Affair
  13. Natalie’s Retro Glam Bash
  14. Ashley’ Antique Inspired, Warm Affair
  15. Rachel’s Bustled Farmhouse Affair

From Day Six

  1. Kelly’s Romantic, Rustic, Riverside Wedding
  2. Camille’s Sage, Gold and Rose Inspired Wedding
  3. Polkadot Bride’s Spring, Australian Country Style Affair
  4. Molly ‘s Rustic, Chic, “Little White Chapel” Wedding
  5. Nita’s Neoclassical Empire Style Affair
  6. Lara’s Chic, but Oh-So-Fun Bash
  7. Kristen’s Late Summer, Coastal Wedding
  8. Lyndsi ‘s Bold, Country Inspired Wedding with a Twist
  9. SC’s “Modern Day Grace: A White Tie Southern Soiree”
  10. Janice’s Red and Gold Inspired Affair
  11. Kate is having a Soiree in the City
  12. Stephanie’s “Alice in Wonderland, Whimsical Wedding”
  13. Martha’s Carefree, Romantic Wedding at Home