I love the Candy Land feature that Martha Stewart has in her most recent Weddings issue…


Here is the How-To portion…

Chocolate Sampler

Paper for liner and sticker
3-inch oval craft punch
Sticker machine
3 1/2-inch-square box
15-inch-long elastic cord

What To Do:
For sticker, cut paper with the craft punch; run through a sticker machine, and affix to lid. Cut paper to make one bottom liner and two dividers, as shown; cut notches in center of dividers so they interlock. (Or use our
template.) Place dividers in box. Add lid, and tie on cord.

I wanted to add a little bit to this feature because I think it is just that cute:

*I found these GREAT candy/cake stands at Sur La Table and these that coordinate nicely at Target.

*Some great mail order chocolatiers are Marie Belle for fabulous screen printed chocolates (to add a little color), Knipschildt Chocolatier for the perfect chocolate truffle, Recchiuti Confections for chocolate treats in their purest form and Tribeca Treats for the more approachable chocolate bites.

*For pre-made chocolate favor boxes, check out the personalized ones at For Your Party, or buy these cute colored boxes from Nashville Wraps and use a custom sticker.