I was browsing the blog over at A Perfect Event today, when I stumbled across this beautiful article on eco-friendly parties. I love Debi’s ideas and really wanted to share them with you…there are so many ways to create environmentally conscious beauty and it is important that as wedding design evolves, so do our efforts to make green choices!

From Debi Lily at A Perfect Event Blog



How to throw a fabulous party – The environmentally friendly way


Thanks to celebrities like Julia Roberts, green living has become a hot, new trend…and green entertaining is no exception! We have already covered an array of green wedding concepts, but what about other green entertaining trends? Try out these expert tips for earth-friendly entertaining.




1. Time of Day

After grade school, parties generally take place in the evening or night. However, this zaps up tons of electricity. Daytime parties conserve energy and they are completely unique. You will be surprised at how much fun a daytime bash can be—guests won’t be tired, the mood will be peppy, and everyone will be ready to party!

2. Location

Summer is just around the corner! Take your party outside and let your guest frolic with nature. The sun, the flowers, and the beautiful scenery will make your party chic and earth-friendly. This uses less lighting…and it will also save you clean-up time!


3. Décor

It is all about the centerpieces! Choose centerpieces that are friendly to Mother Earth—but are still glamorous! Decorate with locally grown flowers. This saves energy as the flowers are not shipped from halfway around the globe…and they support the local economy! You might also consider a fruit/vegetable centerpiece. Opt for organic fruits and veggies, and stick with a monocolor theme. If you are going for a more romantic or formal mood, try a candle centerpiece—using soy candles of course! Soy candles last longer than regular candles, and they will give your party that extra dash of style.



4. Entertainment

Want to bring music to your party? Ditch the expensive, energy-hogging D.J. and the microphoned acts. Live, acoustic music uses little to no energy, and it gives your party a more intimate feel. Who knows, you might even discover the next Jewel! If you are considering a fireworks show, go for beautiful, individual sparklers instead. Fireworks use up massive amounts of energy (and cash flow!), but sparklers are virtually perfect for the environment. Pass out one to each of your guests and let them go wild. Just make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy!


5. Menu

Organic is key! Make sure that you go the local Farmer’s Market to pick up your favorite fruits and veggies. Guests will love to nosh on these goodies, and you will be supporting the local economy…all while saving energy! And don’t forget the organic beverages. Organic grapes can be harvested into organic wines. Also consider organic juice, organic champagne and more. You can even create your own specialty organic cocktail! And if you are going to be using menus or place cards, opt for 100% cotton pulp papers.


6. Hostess Gifts/Favors

There are endless all-organic alternatives. Soy candles make great favors, and so do soy-based soaps that can be enjoyed for weeks at a time. You could also give your hostess/guests a great organic tea set. Just be sure to wrap in recycled paper, or place in a reusable twig basket. Lovely! Now you are ready to become an expert green entertainer! Look out, Hollywood!






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