Today’s inspiration board was done by one of our favorite readers, Lindsey (otherwise known as BurlingtonBride). I really wanted to share it with you because I thought that it was so well done…

from Lindsey…
My fiance and I met when we were 5 and 6 years old.  He was a cub scout and childhood friend of my brother’s. Fast forward to my last year in college.  He developed a crush on me — I wasn’t interested.  Three years later, after a long friendship and friends who really wanted to see us get together — it just clicked.

We live in New York City but have decided to invite 60 of our closest friends and family to Burlington, VT for a great weekend!  I can’t wait for September 8th.


Top left: Lovely brown brocade patter that appears through out our stationery.

Top center: Cynthia Rowley shoes that tie in with my short Romona Keveza Legends gown
Top right: Aquamarine and diamond earrings which were a college graduation gift from my grandmother who passed away a week before my graduation.  We were VERY close.  This is my way to have her with me, my something old and my something blue.
Center left: A lavender bundle which inspired our place cards. We will have “mini moo” cards attached with our engagement photo on one side and the name of the guest calligraphed on the back. (see them here).
Middle: Inspiration for my custom wedding ring to fit perfectly with my engagement which was my mother’s.
Center right:  Inspiration for my marzipan pear wedding cake!  So excited.  This also inspired vases filled with pears at the center of each of our 3 long tables at our restaurant reception.
Bottom left: The Church Street Market place in downtown Burlington, Vermont where we’re hosting our “destination” wedding (from CT/NYC).  We will walk with our guests from the church around the corner to the restaurant for cocktails on the marketplace and then head upstairs for dinner.
Bottom center:  The stunning Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.  The inspiration for my short Romona Keveza Legends gown.
Bottom right:  Inspiration for my brown and almond Ann Taylor bridesmaids dresses.  This was the first color inspiration for the whole day.
Thank you so much, Lindsey, for sharing your inspiration with us! From the looks of it, your wedding will be one beautiful day.