Honestly, the most stylish part of this wedding was the fashions and the flowers. Each dress, each centerpieces, each bouquet complimented one another to perfection…all without seeming overly matched or coordinated.

First, the fashion…the girls wore butter yellow dresses from Simple Silhouette, with the maid of honor simply tying a navy ribbon around her waist. The boys were in classic black tuxes. I will see if Samantha will give us the full run down of vendors when she is back from her honeymoon.


The bride had on a very simple, but incredibly elegant mermaid style gown. It was SPECTACULAR.


On to the flowers…Sam and Ryan went for that “fresh from the garden” look…with peonies, lilies, roses and a slew of other varieties. They managed to pull of a garden style with a sweet sophistication that is incredibly difficult to achieve. The centerpieces all used vases of varying shapes, heights and sizes and were filled in creative ways with green beans, brussels sprouts and banana leaves. The end result was gorgeous.

The bouquet…


The centerpieces…


All in all, the wedding was beautiful. I will say that with or without the perfect details, the wedding would still have been just as lovely. It is incredible how stylish good friends and a loving family can be.