Today’s post is absurdly late. I just got back from a weekend in Los Angeles, visiting friends, and didn’t have a chance to post until now. Sorry about that! Tomorrow’s post will hopefully more than make up for my tardiness:)

A couple of readers have requested posts that discuss the more practical, hands-on aspects of the wedding…things like logistics, schedules and how-tos. So, for today, I wanted to write about a rather boring, but incredibly necessary part of the wedding planning process: schedules. My dear friend, Jill, was sweet enough to give me her schedule of events (minute-by-minute) for the day of her wedding. I used it almost verbatim during my own wedding. Hopefully, this will give you guys a really good start on your own schedule!

Friday, April 30

5:00pm – Rehearsal at St. James Episcopal Church, Debi (coordinator) Confirms Cab Service Outside Church for 6:00pm

6:10 – Depart Church for Dinner

6:30pmRehearsal Dinner at Hugo’s Frog Bar

Saturday, May 1st

12:45pmPictures of Bride Getting Ready

1:00pmPhotos of Bride / Groom and Immediate Family

1:45pmPhotos of Bride / Groom and Family Leaving the Drake

1:45pm-2:45pmDestination Photos of Bride and Groom

2:45pmThe Trolley Departs the Sofitel Hotel to go to the Church with the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, Programs, Acolytes, Guestbook, Readers

2:50pmRolls Picks up Parents of the Bride and Groom

3:00pmPhotos outside of the Church with Wedding Party

3:10pmRolls Royce Departs the Drake with VIPs

3:25pmRolls Royce Departs the Drake with Grandparents, The Rolls Royce then Waits at the Church for the Bride and Groom

3:30pmPhotos Begin at the Altar

4:00pmBus and Trolley Depart from the Oak Street Side of the Drake with our Guests

4:10pmWedding Party Goes to Chambers, All Acolytes, Ushers, Guest Book in Place

4:15pmTrolleys Depart from the Sofitel with Our Wedding Guests

4:20pmTrolleys Arrive at the Church, Music Begins

Ceremony and Reception

5:05pmCeremony Begins

5:25pmBell Helpers in Place at the Front Door

5:35pmCeremony Ends, Guests Move Outside to Ring Bells

6:00pmJill and Adam at the Top of Church Steps – Ring Bells, Trolleys in Front for Transportation to the Drake

6:10pmPhotos Begin at the Church- If Needed

6:30pmGuests Begin to Arrive at the Palm Court, Trolleys Return to the Church for Additional Transportation to the Drake (Some Guests May Walk to the Palm Court at the Drake)

6:30pmTrolley Returns to the Church to Take Wedding Party to the Drake

7:30pmWedding Party Arrives at the Palm Court, Bride and Groom go to Back Room for Food/Drinks

7:45pmDoors Open and 5 piece Band Begins in the Gold Coast Room, Guests Move into the Gold Coast Room, Guests are Seated

8:05pmWedding Party is Announced (order is as follows) Jade Khouri and Guest, Laurie Zink and Derrick LaRosa, Katie Beck and Harris Huber, Anne Muller and Jack Neumark, Abby McLucas and Ryan Forsey, Lisa Schumacher and Mark Carter

8:10pmBride and Groom First Dance – True Companion

8:15pmCutting of the Cake

8:20pmChampagne Parade

8:25pmFather of the Bride Gives Toast, Daddy Daughter Dance – Wink and a Smile, Mother / Son Dance, George and Linda Dance

8:30pmFirst Course is Served – Salad

8:40pmEntrée is Served

9:00pm – 12:00pmParty Time (Roughly 15 Min after the food has been served the band should begin)

As you can see, each and every detail should be mapped out. Chances are, your wedding won’t follow the schedule perfectly, but it will give everyone a good idea as to where they need to be, and when they should be there. You should distribute the schedule to both sets of parents, the coordinator if you have one and 1 responsible bridesmaid/groomsman. If you aren’t using a coordinator, you should have one guest that you feel can help guide your other guests to be at the right place, at the right time.